• Dec 2017

    Valmar commences operations of Over The Counter Container Redemption Service in Tumut - RETURN and EARN comes to Valmar

    As part of the NSW Government's "Return and Earn" container refund initiative, Valmar's Recycling business in Tumut has commenced operations as one of the very first Over The Counter ( OTC ) redemption centres operating in NSW.

    Members of the public can now bring their uncrushed, unbroken redeemable containers to Valmar's Gilmore recycling site 24 hours a week and get paid 10c a container. This is a great new service for the people of the Snowy Valleys Council area, and surrounding areas, and will be of particular advantage to businesses and those people with large quantities of containers to redeem and those who would prefer cash to a shopping voucher in exchange for their containers.

    The containers Valmar receives through the curbside bins are also eligible for redemption and the Valmar recycling team have been busy reworking their recovery processing to ensure the maximum number of redeemable containers are sorted.

    The new Return and Earn scheme will be a major positive step for Valmar, the Snowy Valleys Council, and will quickly improve the litter situation in the district. As Valmar Coordinator of Recycling, Chris Campton said " The first shipping container full of redeemed bottles and cans was ready for dispatch after less than three days, so the scheme looks like being a great success".

    Bagged containers ready for loading.