• Mar 2018

    Valmar’s Return and Earn Redemption Centre Set to Move Into the Fast Lane

    Initially set up as a manual – over the counter – 10c redemption centre for drink containers, Valmar’s Gilmore recycling service has just entered a contract to install a state-of-the-art, automated SINGULATOR, hopefully by June this year.

    This imported machine is capable of receiving, sorting, counting and receipting thousands of containers an hour with extremely high accuracy , greatly expanding the capacity of the current service. Snowy Valleys Council, Valmar’s partners in recycling, will be building a new shed to house the SINGULATOR, Valmar will be fitting-out the shed, and Valmar’s employees with disabilities will make up the majority of the workforce operating the machine and interfacing with the large and steadily growing numbers of community members bringing their redeemable containers to the Gilmore Waste and Recycling facility for a cash refund.

    The Return and Earn scheme only commenced in Tumut in mid December 2017, but already over 20,000 containers a week are being redeemed at the Gilmore site, and this number is continuing to grow strongly week by week. By December this year, at the one year anniversary of the Return and Earn Scheme, Valmar are predicting that 40,000 containers a week will be being redeemed and processed, which is 2 million annually, far too many to sort and count by hand in the 25 hours a week that the facility is open to the public.

    John Stanfield, Valmar’s Employment Services Manager has seen a SINGULATOR in operation and says… “ in a rapidly changing waste and recycling environment, having the capability to handle large volumes of redeemable containers as quickly and accurately as possible will be essential for the on-going viability of our recycling operation and the on-going job security for our employees “