• Jan 2019

    Valmar Pinecom Timber

    Pinecom Timber launches its own company branding onto the Australia Timber market. Sold covered packs of timber will now show the Valmar logo on the plastic film (as shown in the picture) . At Jarrah road Tumut, Pinecom timber manufactures a range of timber packaging products for : Visy Australia, AKD Tumut ,and Hynes Timber at Tumbarumba .

    Visy purchases ISPM15 timber chocks to secure down their large paper rolls, when shipping at sea in containers. Hynes and AKD uses timber gluts and export bearers to stabilise their timber packs from collapsing.

    Timber Sales at Pinecom Timber in 2018, have exceeded the one million dollar in sales turnover. Rick Broad the Senior coordination at Pinecom timber, and his staff, and production employees are all elated with this sales result.