• Dec 2016

    20 years continuous membership of NDS

    The attached photo is Ken Baker – CEO of NDS, presenting Valmar with a Certificate of recognition for 20 years continuous membership of NDS. NDS is the national Peak Body for services such as Valmar.
    This also was publicly acknowledged at a Long Service Recognition presentation at the recent NDS CEO Conference in Melbourne.

    Valmar ( and its predecessor organisations ) have actually been involved with NDS for 28 years, however we could not afford to participate and join as a full Member Organisation until 20 years ago. NDS has a tiered membership fee structure and 20 years ago when we first joined, Valmar was in the lowest tier. For some years now we have been in the highest tier and our CEO Hugh Packard had also been an elected member of the NDS NSW State Committee and more recently a member of the NDS ACT Territory Committee. This demonstrates just how much Valmar has grown and developed over the last 20 years.